Sermons on Acts

How Sundays Changed the World

Take your place in history beside the Sunday people of every generation by finding someone in need and helping them, or caring for someone who is hurting, or by founding a charity or volunteering at one.

BIG Church Part 7 – BIG Opportunities

The same Holy Spirit that was given to the disciples, converted Paul to a follower of Jesus Christ, and converted all those Gentiles that formed those first ecclesias, is the same Holy Spirit that is in each and every one of us here today. We too can make a really big difference in our generation and world.

BIG Church Part 5 – BIG Drift

When the local church gets this right, that it’s not a balancing act, it’s not a clean yourself up first….and neither is it let’s throw away the standards so everybody feels good about themselves…when the local church gets this right, when we come together in the name of Jesus, there should be an embodiment of grace and truth in such a way that forgiveness isn’t dumbed down, grace isn’t dumbed down, and neither are the morals of Christianity. That somehow, they co-exist in a powerful way.

BIG Church Part 4 – BIG Audience

Christ died for our sin. He was buried. He was raised.He appeared. That’s it. That’s the Gospel—that’s the starting point. That’s not the point you get to after you get all your questions answered. That’s the simple message we are to take to the world.
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