Sermons on Colossians

Living for God Every Day

This is just the beginning of a New Year. It is always seen as a time to reflect on our past and make a fresh start on our future. What better time is there to Begin Living For God Every Day!


All of us are like Ruth. Without a redeemer we will face death and the punishment for our sins. Jesus came to die in our place to pay for our debt of sin before God. He bought us back to be part of God’s family and saved from sin for all eternity.

Beyond 52: Church Outside of Sunday Mornings – Practical Living

Big Idea: God calls everyone to live their faith out in daily living, not just inside a church building. The greatest ministry that the believer has is being a faithful witness and living out the gospel of Christ through obedience in every area of their lives. We are in the third week of the series called “Beyond 52: Church Outside of Sunday Mornings.” It’s called Beyond 52 because there are 52 weeks in a year, 52 possible Sundays that you…