Sermons by Pastor Trisha Guise

This is the online archive of sermons delivered by Pastor Trisha Guise at York Springs United Methodist Church.


Jesus ushered in a kingdom of love. Surrender to God’s purpose and plan for your life and let His love for you pour out on those around you.


When we live our lives from the joy of being saved, word spreads quickly, and people are in awe of the miraculous birth of Christ at Christmas.


God’s promises give us hope right here, right now. Hope is a certainty about the future, that impacts the present. Hope is birthed out of deep longings and desperate need. Hope is found in Jesus.

Unguarded Strength Becomes a Weakness

Pride has a way of making us believe we’re strong in our own strength. Yet pride is truly a weakness. To overcome the weakness of our will, we need to let God’s Holy Spirit be our strength and not rely on our own self.