Sermons from May 2020

Sermons from May 2020

Part 3: Private Disciplines

We are in the 3rd week of the series called Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith. Today we’re talking about the word discipline, which is not always our favorite word. Truthfully, it’s the thing that we all love to avoid. My personal definition of discipline is “the things you’re supposed to do that you don’t want to do.” Things like eating healthier, exercising more, saving more money, getting the job done, and getting your schoolwork done. The list…

Part 2: Practical Teaching

Jesus says, No, you can come and hear all my speeches, all my sermons, and write them all down, keep them in your organized little notebook, but if you don’t do any of this stuff, it is not going to make any difference in the world.

Part 1 – Big Faith

The thing that is most honoring to God is your faith. And the thing that thrills and honors God most is our expressions of confidence in Him, Trust is the essence of relationships and that’s what God is after.

Part 5: The Journey – Big Changes

Today, we are going to take a look at two of the most recognizable people in the Bible who encountered Jesus and how their journey with Him changed everything for them. My hope is that the stories of these two men just might give you some great insights and hope for your own journey with Jesus.

Part 4: The Mission

If this could be a daily discipline, I believe every single one of us will have scores of stories to tell about how God used us, included us, scared us, and came through for us.